Rockland County Info

👋🏻 Welcome To Rockland County Info.

We recently bought a home in Piermont that was in need of renovation. We quickly learned that all home improvement contractors doing work in Rockland must be licensed by the county. Being new to the area, we had a hard time getting referrals, and it was difficult to find a quality contractor who had availability.

Rockland County publishes a list of licensed contractors, but it only offers limited information, and is difficult to search and navigate.

Starting with Rockland's official list, I used AI to clean up and enhance the listings, and made them easier to navigate. I hope that publishing it here makes it easy for you to find the folks you need to work on your home.

If you have and questions, feedback, find a mistake, or just want to say hi, please reach out! We're new to the area and need friends!


Greg Baugues
[email protected]